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Bandit Industries in

Bandit Industries
Bandit Industries

Bandit offers a complete line of hand-fed chippers with 6' (15.24 cm), 9' (22.86 cm), 12' (30.48 cm), 14' (35.56 cm) and 18' (45.72 cm) diameter capacities and a whole tree line of towable and self-propelled chippers with 14' (35.56 cm), 18' (45.72 cm) and 19' (48.26 cm) diameter capacities. Bandit's Model 3680 Beast RecyclerTM is able to reduce brush, whole trees, stumps, wet leaves, palm fronds and a wide range of other organic materials from wet and dry newspapers to telephone poles, railroad ties and demolition debris. The BeastTM is ideal for reducing organic materials to useable animal bedding, boiler fuel and mulch. Bandit also manufactures a log splitter that breaks down log and stumps into pieces that are easy to process through chippers and grinders. Recently we introduced a tool kit called the Knife SaverTM that brings new life to dull blades with just one pass.

Bandit is supported by a world-wide dealer network. With over 23,000 Brush Bandit chippers sold, our units are a favorite among the landscaping/tree care industry. Bandit attributes its success to building productive, quality products at reasonable prices.

Bandit Industries
Remus Michigan

Contact : Paula Boyer
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